Friday, July 18, 2008

Barack Obama Bristol Campaign Office Open House

Tomorrow, Saturday, July 19th, the Barack Obama campaign will open the Bristol, VA office to the general public with an open house. The office is also doubling as an regional headquarters for the Mark Warner campaign. The open house will run from 10am to 4pm, so feel free to drop by at any point. There will also be a breakfast at Shoney's on Exit 5 with the Bristol, VA Democratic Committee at 9am if you would like to attend that as well.


Barack Obama Campaign Office Open House
1009 W. State St.
Bristol, VA 24201

Breakfast @ Shoney's
2066 Lee Hwy.
Bristol, VA 24201

For those of you not in Bristol, there will also be an office opening up in Castlewood, VA on Saturday. From 10am-2pm at the UMWA Building, right near Pizza Hut.


If you would like to help with voter registration on Saturday, please come by the Kroger's or the K-Mart in Abingdon at any point during the day. We will have tables set up at each location, registering voters and recruiting volunteers. We definitely need help with this part of the campaign. Voter Registration is key to winning over votes.

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static brain said...

Good to see you are out trying to get people to vote. That's so important.


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