Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Email from Deeds Camp Notes McD's Weaknesses

Deeds for Virginia
Justin --

I wanted you to be the first to know: I just learned that Bob McDonnell will begin running ads across Virginia starting in the next 48 hours.

McDonnell and the RNC are worried. Instead of a lead, he finds himself behind in the polls, and struggling in all areas of the state.

His back is against the wall and now he's got to remake his record to try and convince voters he's a moderate. But his record shows otherwise, and we need to set the record straight to Virginia voters.

That's why we've set a goal of raising $100,000 online by the June 30 fundraising deadline. I know it’s an ambitious goal, but we need to make sure we expose Bob McDonnell for who he really is.

Contribute today to help Creigh raise $100,000 by June 30 to set the record straight on Bob McDonnell.

Who is Bob McDonnell? Well, we know he's charismatic. We know he's a capable fundraiser and candidate. But most importantly, we know that Bob McDonnell is wrong on almost every issue that’s important to working-class Virginians.

Bob McDonnell opposes a forward-thinking energy policy.
He opposes an additional $125 million of unemployment benefits for laid off Virginia workers. He opposes stem cell research to find cures that will help Virginia families. And he opposes a woman's right to choose – even in cases of rape and incest.

Bob McDonnell has an extreme social and economic agenda. You and I know that. But Creigh needs your help to make sure voters all across the Commonwealth know, too.

I guarantee you that these new ads will not expose any of these facts.

Donate to our campaign today to make sure we have the resources we need to take on Bob McDonnell.

These ads, and McDonnell's whole campaign, will be well-funded by out-of-state interests and the national Republican party. These are the same people who led the fight for the agendas of Gilmore, Bush and McCain.

Our primary was crucial. Creigh emerged out of the primary a stronger candidate, and we built a powerful grassroots campaign to support him.

But we had to spend every penny we had to win, while Bob McDonnell stockpiled more than $4.9 million in his campaign coffers.

That financial advantage is allowing him to go up on the air this week. We must respond.

Help us show Virginians the real Bob McDonnell. Contribute to our $100,000 end of quarter goal today!

Thank you for all your help. Together, we can ensure Virginians make an informed decision in November.


Joe Abbey
Campaign Manager
Deeds for Virginia

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Insiders in McAuliffe Camp Hinted At "Major Endorsement" Same Day as WashPost Endorsed Deeds

After a crazy primary season, we finally ended up with a winner Tuesday night, with Deeds crushing Terry McAuliffe and Brian Moran, even in their own hometowns and precincts. The Washington Post endorsement of Deeds on May 22nd catapulted him above McAuliffe and Moran in the polls, far above any margin of error.

Insiders on the McAuliffe campaign say that emails and conference calls throughout May hinted at a "major endorsement" coming soon for the campaign. And they spoke very highly every day about a major endorsement that would put them over the top up until the day of the Washington Post endorsement, May 22nd, with the last round of hinting. After the endorsement was released by the Washington Post as an online story before the print edition went into circulation, all talk was hushed from the top down about any major endorsement.

The McAuliffe campaign was counting on the Washington Post endorsement since, as we all watched, it would probably put someone above the rest in the polls. Internal polling throughout May leading up to the WashPo endorsement in the McAuliffe camp showed his numbers dropping while Deeds and Moran both rose, Deeds with a slightly higher clip. This was also proven in public polls before the endorsement.


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