Friday, June 20, 2008

Obama For America Organizational Meeting And Training In Bristol

Being newly appointed Southwest Virginia Grassroots Field Organizer for Obama For America :), the news sometimes has to come through me if not by any other channels.

Tomorrow will be the Obama For America Organizational Meeting for Bristol, VA and surrounding towns and locations. Basically, we're going to discuss and train for volunteer opportunities in the Obama campaign in and around Bristol - setting up voter registration drives, GOTV events, organizing rallies and house parties, and much more.

Anyone that wants to volunteer for the Obama campaign should be at the Bristol Public Library at 11:00AM. Other slots are open for you to come at 3:00PM, and also Sunday at 2PM, but we'd like to populate the first as much as possible.


Obama For America Organizational Meeting & Training
Bristol Public Library
701 Goode St.
Bristol, VA 24201

Saturday, June 21st
11:00AM & 3:00PM

Sunday, June 22nd
2:00 PM

We're expecting a turnout of over 300 volunteers, so it looks to be a fruitful meeting.

Hope to see you there!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Blogging The Town Hall Meeting With Barack Obama: Pictures

An exciting event for a first-time press member, the Town Hall Meeting with Barack Obama was a spectacle even without the candidate. All the pictures are clickable, link to Photobucket, where you can view a larger version of each picture, email them, and more.

Let's start:

The press check-in line:

Me, my press pass, and my voice recorder ready to conquer the day(I was sweating profusely, that's why my hair's all messed up):

Interviewing Rick Boucher beforehand:

The crowd:

Rep. Rick Boucher talking at the podium:

Mark Warner speaking while Obama and Boucher look on:

The traveling Bus Press, all 18 that were sitting up here, were on their laptops:

Barack Obama speaking at the podium:

Barack Obama shaking hands afterwards:

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Barack Obama Coming To Bristol, VA!

I would've posted this HOURS ago, but sadly, I was called into work on my day off, and was not able to post about this.

Barack Obama will be hosting a Town Hall Meeting at Virginia High School on Thursday, June 5th at 11:45am. Now, while I have applied for my press credentials, if I am turned down, I already have my ticket for the event, which is required, and I signed up to volunteer at the event. But I'm definitely hoping I can get my press credentials so I can get pictures and video for Virginia Left Wing and Raising Kaine.

So once again, the event will be Thursday, June 5th at 11:45am at Virginia High School in Bristol, VA.

Hope to see you there!


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